Fruiting Bodies, 2019 - Present

Fruiting  Bodies is a series of images that expanded on ideas from previous work.

In this series, I am focusing in on the feminine body and its connection to nature, life and decay. Much like a mushroom, women are situated at both ends of the life cycle.

The body language of the figures is drawn directly from pin-up shots and magazine spreads, creating a connection to the gaze and beauty, but the craggy, pitted texture of their 'flesh' denies a purely aesthetic reading. These are not bodies presenting themselves for your pleasure.

This is a series that I am still exploring and expanding. If you want to commission a custom-sized original piece, check out my pricing sheet here to get started.

Artwork 5.png

Please note:

I am currently dropshipping my prints through Gelato, a global on-demand print service. This way I can offer quick fulfillment by a print shop nearest you, which also reduces the carbon footprint of each order. It's a core value of mine to pay attention to and try to reduce my impact on this Earth. 'Cause it's the only one we've got.