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Commissions open
(limited spots available)

Current projects you can commission:

Instead of purchasing from the originals already created and in the store, you can commission your very own original painting. I have two current series that you can commission custom work for.

FruitingBodies & BloomingBodies

These two series have distinct styles to them, so you should know (more or less) what the finished product will look like based on what's come before.

I offer two ways you can commission a new piece:

1) by choosing a sketch from the Flash sheets below or

2) by purchasing a custom project spot.

Flash Sheet 1-5 BB.jpg
FB Flash 1-5.jpg



I started drawing FruitingBodies as a way of unknotting the negative mentality I had towards my own body. I wanted my work to celebrate feminine bodies in a way that I wasn’t seeing out in the world.


I wanted this work to say, “Fuck you, for trying to make me hate myself. I am a fucking vision and I am powerful.”

DSC_0749 copy 2.jpg
DSC_0749 copy.jpg


BloomingBodies is a series of inky figurative paintings celebrating the grounded self - a body settled in the understanding of its own strength and unique beauty.

Like a love-letter to the self, these paintings honour the power of the feminine, and celebrate moments of spiritual growth and self-acceptance.

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