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Commissions open
(limited spots available)

Current projects you can commission:

Flash Sheet 1-5 BB.jpg
FB Flash 1-5.jpg

Commission FAQs

What's the difference between commissioning a "flash" piece and a "custom" piece? Flash pieces are ones I've already sketched and just haven't gotten around to making into an actual painting. Custom pieces are ones we'll work on together, using reference photos you provide (of yourself, typically) to create a genuinely unique and gorgeous piece that celebrates your unique and gorgeous self!

What if I don't have reference photos? We can still work together! Choose one of the pre-sketched flash pieces, or if you really want to indulge yourself, I know a wonderful photographer I can hook you up with.

What if I want a fully FULLY custom piece and not one from the FruitingBody or BloomingBody series? I'm always happy to discuss options on other projects! You can email me directly at and let's chat about that piece of art you're dreaming of.

Why do you require a deposit? As soon as you click that "save my spot" button, I'm jumping to work to make sure you're happy with your commission piece. The deposit covers all the pre-painting labour involved in commissions, and makes sure I can purchase the supplies needed to complete the project.



I started drawing FruitingBodies as a way of unknotting the negative mentality I had towards my own body. I wanted my work to celebrate feminine bodies in a way that I wasn’t seeing out in the world.


I wanted this work to say, “Fuck you, for trying to make me hate myself. I am a fucking vision and I am powerful.”

DSC_0749 copy 2.jpg
DSC_0749 copy.jpg


BloomingBodies is a series of inky figurative paintings celebrating the grounded self - a body settled in the understanding of its own strength and unique beauty.

Like a love-letter to the self, these paintings honour the power of the feminine, and celebrate moments of spiritual growth and self-acceptance.

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