The Landscape Of Our Times: #venividivici, 2014-16


Landscape photographs abound: they appear in ads, calendars, postcards, placemats, and family photo albums. Since the camera became readily available to the public, it seems that recording the spaces around us is an intrinsic human imperative.


Landscapes are particularly rampant on social media sites as a way of sharing our travels with the world. We use it as a way of marking our place: I was here; I saw this; my life is cool. But what does this mean for the landscape photography genre? Social media sites and photo-based apps that encourage capturing and uploading shots of our immediate vicinity means that there are millions of similar and nearly-identical landscape images in existence.


Furthermore, this speaks to our interaction with the landscape we photograph. Seen through the screen of a phone, our relationship to our surroundings is forever connected to the technology that captures its image. © 2016 by KENDRA SCHELLENBERG.


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