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K_Schellenberg_Object Spaces 01_2016_12_x12_x2.2_
KS_2016 Objects Spaces Installation 1
K_Schellenberg_Object Spaces 05_2016_11.8_x7.7_x1.6_
KS_2016 Object Spaces Installation 2 Small
K_Schellenberg_Object Spaces 06_2016_7.6_x7.6_x2.2_
KS_2016 Object Spaces Installation 4 Small
KS_2016 Object Spaces
KS_2016 Objects Spaces Installation
KS_2016 Objects Spaces Installation 3

Object Spaces, 2016


The female bodies we see represented in popular culture and specifically in advertising more often occupy a space of appearance than one of action— they are not usually engaged with their surroundings, but rather used as decorative objects like furniture to embellish the environments they occupy. 


These paintings and the accompanying artist book explore how this allocation of space affects the body. They are intended to create a self awareness in the viewer as a participant in the process of objectification. 

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