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KS_2015 Buy This #3
KS_2015 Buy This #2
KS_2015 Buy This #1

Buy This #1-3


I am the product of a consumer culture invested in making me hate myself. The media, which as we know is a driving force in our world, relies on advertising to sustain itself. Advertisers, in turn, rely on girls like me purchasing products like mascara and clothing and diet pills to sustain the companies they represent. These companies have a vested interest in generating a cultural concept of beauty that is unreal and unattainable for the average person. After all, girls with healthy self-esteem don’t buy enough beauty products and beauty procedures to keep these multi-million dollar companies afloat.


In this series, I chose to use images of models taken from magazines, photos I took of my own surroundings and old negatives. The models, when inserted into genuine living spaces seem out of place. Beside them is a pile of beauty products, a reflection on all the stuff that goes with the ideal of beauty they represent. Both the models and the products are presented to us for consumption; we must buy into the ideal of beauty they promise.

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