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Artist Residency Zine?

So if you caught my post back in May about the artist residency I was excited to attend during the month of July, you might be wondering why you haven't seen anything more on that. But there is a very good reason -- the residency was actually postponed due to Toronto Island being mostly underwater for a good portion of the summer. (There's some good drone clips

​that here if you want to check it out.) Now the residency will be running Oct 23-Nov 6.

What I didn't share before was that coincidentally, Candice Okada, one of my fellow BFA 2016 grads and exhibition partner for the show Framing Femininity is also attending! Completely unplanned, but pretty awesome.

Candice and I were recently discussing what we were planning on working on over the course of the residency -- before it was rescheduled, I had planned on working on pieces for my Fall lineup of shows, but as they are both going up before I leave now, that's out the window. However. In preparation for the group show I'm in at Deer Lake Gallery in Burnaby, I have collaborated on a zine with fellow artists Mallory Donen and Julie Epp and I love it. This really feels like a medium of production that could get addicting. So zine-making is now on the table as a potential residence project.

You can pick up a copy of the collaborative zine / show catalogue at the opening reception for Horror Vacui this Thursday, Oct 5 at 7PM. We only made up 50 or so, so get 'em while you can!

And as for the artist residency zine? ...more on that once I get back. :)

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