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Redbubble shop now open!

I'm really excited to say that my Redbubble shop is now open! You can now purchase my designs on items like scarves, journals, and even wall clocks.

The plan is to turn some of my work into designs that fit better onto the kinds of products available through this site but to keep as close to the original integrity of the work as possible. What I mean to say is, I'm going to try and avoid just slapping any old image on a product and begging you to buy it...although I wouldn't discount begging just yet.

I'm stoked to see where this goes and to push myself in a direction I've never explored before.

Right now, I've limited myself to a couple of the FlowerEye patterns I've created over the last couple weeks, but I've got more planned so stay tuned, check it out: and maybe buy yourself a LillyEye wall clock or something while you're at it.

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