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I am open to commissions for surface pattern design, illustration, and other custom projects.

I've also got two ongoing painting series that are perfect for custom projects. See more below.

Current projects you can commission:

Instead of purchasing from the originals already created and in the store, you can commission your very own original painting. I have two current series that you can commission custom work for.

FruitingBodies & BloomingBodies

These two series have distinct styles to them, so you should know (more of less) what the finished product will look like based on what's come before.

FB 09 v4.jpg

How it works

Provide your own photo for me to work from OR describe what you'd like to see and I will source reference materials. Please note: I can only work from hi-res photos, so if you're unsure just ask. :)

Turnaround time for commissioned work varies on what other stuff I've got up, but will always be at least 4-6 weeks.


Artwork can be purchased unframed, or framed for an additional cost.


Shipping costs will depend on the size of the piece and its destination. International shipping available, or pickup locally for free. I cannot guarantee shipping times.

The minimum finished artwork size of commissioned work is 9.5x11"
, and I require a 50% deposit before beginning.

Original photography by Mateus Studios.



I started drawing FruitingBodies as a way of unknotting the negative mentality I had towards my own body. I wanted my work to celebrate feminine bodies in a way that I wasn’t seeing out in the world.


I wanted this work to say, “Fuck you, for trying to make me hate myself. I am a fucking vision and I am powerful.”

DSC_0749 copy 2.jpg


BloomingBodies is a series of inky figurative paintings celebrating the grounded self - a body settled in the understanding of its own strength and unique beauty.

Like a love-letter to the self, these paintings honour the power of the feminine, and celebrate moments of spiritual growth and self-acceptance.

Pricing Guidelines:

9.5x11" ........................ $350 CAD

12x12" ........................ $350 CAD
16x16" ........................ $450 CAD
20x20" ........................ $650 CAD

These are the standard sizes I work with, to give you a ballpark price guide, but custom and larger sizes are available upon request.

NB: These prices are for unframed artwork only.

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